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Behind The Scenes


Kenneth Lindbloom conceived the idea of a making fan film based on Come Make My Day in late 2010 after reading the novel and considering the difficulty level of an adaptation. The fact that neither Tessa nor the other Mithril characters had to appear in Mithril uniforms meant costumes would be easier to acquire. Since the climax of one of the earlier chapters consists of both a close quarters battle between soldiers on the ground and mechanized combat between two armslaves, the fight scene could be adapted with a blend of live action and harder-to-produce computer generated elements.

Isaac Martinez overheard Kenneth Lindbloom discussing the idea at a Spring Film Group screening and expressed interest in the project. He later agreed to produce the film and acquired the majority of locations, cast, and crew that were used. The project was presented to interested parties with the stated goals of producing a high-quality portfolio/promotional piece for all involved that would increase demand for a feature length adaption among fans of the series. To maintain a certain level of realism, some of the actors were given basic firearms training, in addition to multiple rehearsals. Other actors were specifically selected for their background in the military, law enforcement, or milsim.


Filming took place during three days in July 2011 and one day in August 2011. Come Make My Day was shot on a Canon 7D operated by Scott Clark and a Panasonic HVX200 operated by David Roy. The 7D was used mostly for closer shots with little-to-no motion, where shallow depth of field was desired. The HVX200 was used primarily for wide shots, jib shots, and other shots with a lot of camera movement. The majority of the footage was shot at 1080i/p at 24 fps, while certain action shots were shot at 720p at 60 fps. All of the footage was sized-down to 720 and footage at 60 fps was re-interpreted at 24 fps in post.

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